Solar Power Inverter


The solar inverter converts the variable direct current (DC) output of the solar panels
into alternating current (AC) which is basically usable electricity.


The Fronius Primo power classes range from 3.8 to 15.0 kW, it comes with a dual Maximum Power Point Tracker which maximizes the energy available from the connected solar panels at any time during its operation.

The sleek inverter design features the innovative SnapINverter hinge mounting system. The system is Wi-Fi enabled as standard for easy commissioning and monitoring and includes the industry-leading Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (for more details and expanded features please see the specification sheet PDF button).

The Primo SnapINverter line is also NEC 2014 compliant with the easy implementation of the Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box, it has built in technology for future code requirements and consumer demands making it completely futureproof and the most sustainable option when choosing your solar inverter.


Boasting power categories from 10 to 24 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the ideal compact three-phase inverter for commercial applications. Its dual maximum power point tracking, high maximum system voltage, wide input voltage range and unrestricted use indoors and out, ensures maximum flexibility in PV system design.

As a member of the new SnapINverter family, the Fronius Symo features the SnapINverter mounting system, allowing for secure and convenient installation and field servicing. Industry-leading features now come standard with the Fronius Symo, including: arc fault protection, integrated wireless monitoring, and SunSpec Modbus interfaces for seamless monitoring and datalogging via Fronius’ online and mobile platform, Fronius Solar.web.

This makes the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative, efficient and streamlined inverters on the market.


The three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations. Thanks to its light weight and SnapINverter mounting system, this transformerless device can be installed quickly and easily either indoors or outdoors.

This inverter series sets new standards with its IP 66 protection class. In addition, its integrated all-pole string fuse holders and optional DC fuse mean that string collection boxes are no longer required.


Single phase hybrid inverter ideal for new installation and retrofit exist solar system. Stunning IP65 protection level, more durable and flexible for installation, multiple programmable working modes, decide by yourself how to realise self-sufficiency and increase system self-consumption. And the EPS output can even provide backup supply during grid absence.

USER-FRIENDLY – Compact design, Local graphical LCD and 4 buttons & Support export control

FLEXIBLE – Wide PV voltage range, Dual MPP trackers & Programmable working modes

SAFE & RELIABLE – Smart battery management, Online smart service, IP65 & natural cooling & Support backup function


Growatt 17000-25000tl3-s is ideal for commercial roofs and small distribution projects. Integrated wire box for comprehensive protections.

  • Maximum efficiency of 98.7%
  • Multi MPP controller and MTL string
  • 6 strings intelligent monitoring and Fuse protection
  • Leading IPM (Intelligent Power Module), more reliable
  • Internal DC switch and Transformerless
  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC
  • Anti-PID for PV module
  • Supporting AC power supply
  • Compact design and easy installation
  • Comprehensive warranty program


“The World’s First Single-Phase Microinverter” designed for 4 solar panels with dual MPPTs, with wide DC input operating voltage range(16-60V) and low start-up voltage (22V only). Hoymiles 4 in 1 microinverter MI-1000/MI-1200 is “The Best Power Density Microinverter” ever in solar industry with extremely light weight – only 3.75kG including integrated DC & AC cables; 3-phase wiring makes it easy to be configured by Hoymiles 4 in 1 microinverter for MW size industrial/commercial PV power stations (one the world’s biggest microinverter projects configured by Hoymiles microinverter is 3.6MW).

  • Safer – Up to 60V DC input voltage (natural rapid shutdown) to guarantee no electric shock & fire risk on rooftop
  • Stronger – Module-level MPPT to ensure 10-30% more energy harvest compared with string inverter
  • Smarter – Module-lever monitoring for remote troubleshooting & maintenance management
  • Smaller, Lighter & Easier – Smaller than A4 paper size, 1.98kG only with AC cable (1 m) integrated, one person’s easy installation
  • More stable & reliable – 6000V surge protection, MTBF (mean time between failure) > 550years, yearly failure rate < 0.18%
  • Better Payback (IRR) – Module-level solution, extremely low failure, longer generation(star-up voltage 22V only), low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity)for long period
  • (20+ year) of investment – Data of 4 in 1 microinverter for 60V


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